My work reflects my passions and my interests which are varied and cover a range of disciplines. 

My passion is any audio visual artistic expression that is effectively communicated. By effectively, I mean the result of creating a cognitional impact.

Aesthetically, I am driven by the Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle; and Japanese minimalism.

I studied BSc Hons and MSc in Agriculture and Horticulture with expertise in Landscape Design; BFA MA and MFA in Art, Space and Nature.

My work reflects my academic background, it is a combination of art and science. As a scientist, I need reasoning and configuration, as an artist I need to find new ways of interpretation in order to explain my research.

My work is an environmental oriented work combined with neuroscience. I research ancient meditation paths and techniques which are based on experiencing Nature and I try to bring this information to a contemporary standard. I recreate indoor spaces and turn them into meditation paths and I work outside at open spaces to form shapes and interactive temporary, or not, work for everyone to visit.

Additionally, I explore the environmental fillmaking in order to raise awareness of the advantages, being outside and grounded have, to help with anxiety, stress and depression; but also stress out the obligation we have to know how to co-exist in balance.

I use experimental artforms to speak my truth. 


Art is a language of communication, Space is our surroundings - from our private room to the unknown multi-universe - and Nature is the reason to feel blessed every single day for having the opportunity to experience such beauty; 

I enjoy collaborations and working with others; this is why I love films!

I develop my own projects and I participate in collaborative projects and films as an artist, production designer, art director and editor.

Nadia is self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis. Inquire about her availability: