Superstitions have an effect on our subconscious state of mind. We follow a female character who exists between reality and fiction as she tries to exorcise her inner demons by staring them in the eyes. 
This is an experimental short inspired by and in response to the short film 'The Whistle Blow', based on superstitions of Greek Folklore.

Created by Nadia Dermatopoulou
Sound design by Peter Carson

January 2019, all rights reserved

This short experimental film goes deep into the 'cogito ergo sum' as a young man finds himself trapped in a dream-like reality. In trying to find his way out, he has to face his deepset fears represented by twisted alter-egos. Built upon dream sequences with a retro-sci-fi aesthetic, it is an ode to the early days of lo-fi 1970's greenscreen.

Runner's up at London x 4 experimental film festival 2017

*dioramas by Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber

Short experimental
DOP/Director/Art director Nadia Dermatopoulou
Concept, Editing Yanli Shen
Camera Zhao Xie, Nadia Dermatopoulou
Performing Yulia Kovanova, Yanli Shen