Lazy Sunday

Fast paced is how jobs are being described; how do I know that? I am looking at job ads on a daily basis. You have to know how to multitask, work under pressure, feel everyone's needs and be happy and glad that you spend your days trying to satisfy those who do not deserve it. Why they don't deserve it? Just because they are the reason why the rest of us is unhappy and depressed. They help this vicious circle grow and make more and more people unhappy. How can we stop it? Well, there is no recipe for happiness, we will have to do some changes on what really matters. It is actually, a change of our mindset on what we expect to get out of our short but important time on this planet. 

Take as an example the animals. They have a routine of doing things each one differently but equally driven by their DNA. We are supposed to be the ones who are the managers of this planet. Like in films we are the directors. We are expected to be good bosses, understanding and try our best for the common good. Instead we do exactly the opposite. We try our best to be the mean bosses that everyone hates and exploit others and be selfish. 

How can we transform this awful experience into something that gives pleasure to everyone? There is no straight forward answer. Nothing has been conquered by sitting and doing nothing. We are individuals and this is how we have to approach at first. The change happens from within. Then the family and the kids come to learn and be inspired. Step by step we can create new generations of more respectful and educated individuals that might treat this planet with the respect it deserves. 

We have much to accomplish and we have the ability to do so. But, wasting human work force on meaningless jobs and keep them pour, unemployed and without any self respect doesn't help anyone especially now. 

Why do you think in ancient Greece sciences, art, culture, philosophy were thriving? Not because they cared about money I expect. But, because they had the time, the freedom and NOT the resources to question and answer, think and learn. They were driven by their lust for knowledge  and discoveries, they were inspired by each other, they had to make an effort to visit their mentors, travel for days, survive the trip. Let's try and be on their shoes for a second. They had to really want to learn and improve. 

Opposing to modern times where we are only driven by one thing, money, there is no passion or lust for knowledge, at least as an overall feeling. The people who drive this world further is those who had inherited money but they happened to be driven to help the common good at the same time. How many are there? Just a few comparing to the number of people existing on this planet. 

I am excited to see initiatives on Scandinavian countries regarding the educational system. I strongly believe that this is a good start. I just hope other countries imitate this change and adapt to the contemporary's world demands. According to me, people have to be 'free' to grow and flourish. What I mean by 'free' is going to be our next topic.


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Nadia Dermatopoulou